Welcome to Michelle’s Operatic World!

Hello!  Welcome!

I decided to create my own personal Blog/Website centered around the wonderful world of Opera. I am a professionally trained opera singer. I am a struggling artist trying to break into the, supposedly, Dying World of the Arts.  But I love the art form! And I think all Americans would, too, if they just gave it a chance.

I do feel that America is hurting and has a craving for true creativity.  Hence the creation of so many social media apps, such as Facebook, YouTube, Blogging, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on.  I also feel that our current government systems and entertainment industries are killing the inspiring works of so many art forms for the general good of profit, at the expense of a more enlightened society.  I feel that it is time for us to open our eyes and step up into action.  By action, I mean turn off the boob tube, and go out and see an opera, art gallery, national park, symphony, or ballet. You might just be surprised and enjoy it.

So, here I am!  Trying to use this media outlet to further my love of Opera and to boost my own career.  It’s always a gamble.  But if I can reach one person, I will know I succeeded. So, here we go… the good fight… the struggle… and the eventual success of Michelle Kei Ishuu, a Soprano, Singing Out Loud!!!

Daughter of the Regiment with San Diego Opera Ensemble

Daughter of the Regiment with San Diego Opera Ensemble

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