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Owning My Brand

Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club

Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club

In an effort to heed the advice of the PR gurus, I’m taking ownership of my brand. Since no one can advocate for “me” better than me, I’m going to take advantage of every social outlet that I can (within reason… I’m still not ready to Twit…Chirp… Whatever the hell it is!).

I’m going to try and be more proactive about engaging my audience (that’s ALL of YOU), and I’m going to ask you to help me with that. When I post something, give me a little love, and that will encourage me to keep at it. If you’ve got a Page that I haven’t already Liked, point me to it so I can give you a little love, too!

Not everything I post will be about me. Of course, a lot of it will be. That’s the point! I’ll occasionally shine a light on some of my favorite artists and colleagues, since we’re all kind of in this thing together (it may occasionally be a cutthroat business, but each little success benefits all of us!). I’ll post articles I’ve read that I think are relevant to the Arts, Singing, Marketing or it might just be something I thought was worth a Share.

The old regime is faltering, so it’s time for us to take up the mantle and see what we can do to elevate this art form that elevates us!!! Who’s with me!?!? If so, please feel free to click; Like or Share or Follow or all the above.


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  1. Welcome to wordpress and the world of opera/music blogging! Love reading what you have posted so far and looking forward to more 🙂 you’re absolutely right – everyone is in this together, and a success for one is a success for all in an industry that some people keep saying is dying. If people are finding some measure of success, then there’s still hope! And if we can highlight those wins, then we’re keeping it alive in more ways than one!

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